Lothson Guitars
“Timeless Quality”

Larry Lothson started repairing and building guitars in 1974.  He performed repairs and refinishing for music  shops in the Chicago area.  Through trial and error, the first original designed Lothson  guitar was  built in 1980. Over the years just under 100 custom Lothson guitars have been built.  

In the early 1990's Lothson pursued building a shop. Problems occurred in construction and  took precedent over guitar building. The lease on the original, rented shop was lost.  With no place to  move, all equipment and supplies had to be dismantled and stored.  The down years were well spent. Short on space, work mainly consisted of setup and minor repair.  As a result the art of setup was perfected. It has been said that one of Lothson’s setups will rival any Plek* machine.

With a new shop up and running, a new era of Lothson Guitars is beginning to take shape. Using the carefully stored Honduras mahogany, aged well over 30 years, and the highest quality electronics available today; the Lothson L. A. Signature is again available.

The guitar retains its original designed shape for perfect balance and its original “Timeless Quality” in all aspects of building. This guitar is designed not just decorated.  The L. A.  Signature is crafted from Honduras mahogany aged well over 30 years. The fingerboards too are aged over 30 years, crafted from superior East Indian rosewood not found on todays market. Top quality, hand select, flamed maple is used for the bound, two piece carved top. Crucial parts are crafted on the same equipment used in the heyday of early guitar building and woodworking. Some of the machines painstakingly rebuilt and  restored, made in the USA in the early 1920's to the 1960's.

A Lothson guitar is solely made by Larry Lothson from start to finish. The finest, most reliable electronics  on the market are used to enhance the tonal quality of each instrument.  Custom spec Lothson/ CTS* potentiometers and Hovland* capacitors  combined with hand-wound Bare Knuckle* pickups bring out the character of each and every instrument.  Hardware  includes  Tone Pros* bridges and tuners. The custom designed and trademarked, dimensional, aluminum tailpiece is a Lothson original. The Signature model is available in solid one piece mahogany body or a one piece chambered mahogany body. The neck is one piece Honduras mahogany, Indian rosewood fingerboard with pearl inlay and binding. Nitro cellulose lacquer is used.  Hand sanded and buffed to a lustrous, durable finish.  Playability is a major component overlooked in many of today instruments.  Every Lothson guitar is professionally setup superior to any Plek* setup,  to bring out the personality, voice, and characteristics of each  guitar. No two instruments  are alike and are treated as individuals. Every guitar requiring countless hours of special attention to bring out its best. After all the magic is worked the guitar is safely housed in a custom, formed, quality hardshell case.   And it doesn't stop there.  Customer service after the sale is a number one priority.

Quality components, over 35 years experience in building guitars, and the love of the instrument come together in one of the highest quality American made instruments on todays market.

*Lothson Guitars is not affiliated with Tone Pros, CTS, Hovland, Bare Knuckle pickups, or Plek machinery

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